Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey everyone :)  Summer has started for some and almost beginning for others! I decided it was time to do some summer shopping! :) I love a good deal, so at the stores I bought things at, I had gift cards and coupons plus they were having a large discount off the entire store! :)
These two lovely bikinis were from Delia's! They had a huge sale on bikinis, and I usually have trouble finding one's that fit properly so I gave it a shot! Love them both! The one on the left has thick straps, so it stays up without adjusting it four hundred times haha. The right one has a little extra fabric below the padding which makes it fit more comfortably. Also the thin, pink straps are removable! Can't wait to go swimming!
I also had to get some new one pieces for just an average day the pool. These two are from the brand Dolphin Uglies. They were both half off at a local sporting store. The one on the left is green, blue, and purple. The one on the right has small breast cancer ribbons on it :) Fit nicely and are comfortable!
My first crop top! Yay :) I know it looks funny all stretched out on this picture, but I promise it looks nice in real life. I got this from American Eagle and they also had a gray and a purple. :) 

These are two bandeau's from Delias to go under the crop top and other shirts I own. They are one size fits all. Delias had a great deal going get 2 for the price of 1..:)
Love these! They're from American Eagle. I've been looking for a pair of white jeans forever! These are supposed to be cropped, but they fit me well :) White jeans are a big trend for this summer and go with everything!

Love this dress from Delias! :) It's a white dress with little eyelit oval shapes all over it :) It has a white slip under the skirt part so no malfunctions :) My favorite part is the zipper!! Ah such a pretty peachy pink exposed zipper! The skirt flares out a little, like a circle skirt but on a dress!
Another dress from guess where...Delias! Haha :) It's a more lace dress with a pearl and sequin band. It has a cream ribbon to tie in the back. Underneath is a gray cotton material which is sooo soft! Love this dress for more formal occasions :)
Thanks for reading my haul! If you like, comment and follow me! :) Hope you're having a great day. :)
XoXo, Penny Rose

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