Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay, so I saw this watermelon manicure on Pintrest and wanted to try it! Just so everyone knows (and can probably tell), I'm not particularly good at painting my nails, and there are multiple mistakes! Haha you should see my other hand! I tried my best at these watermelon nails! 
These are the colors I used:
Black: Wet n Wild's Black Creme
Red: Wet n Wild's Red Red
Green: Kiss Nail Art Paint
1.) I used my usual base coat (OPI Natural Nail Base Coat) and applied two coats of the red nail polish on all nails.
2.) I used the green striper to make a thin green line at the top of my nail. 
3.) Using toothpicks dipped in the black polish, I made random dots/marks on the red part of the nail to act as seeds.
This is a cute,  fairly simple manicure for summer! I love watermelons, and I think this came out fine haha :) Hope you're all enjoying your day! Follow my blog if you like! I always respond to comments!:) 
ALSO!! Help me understand what's happening when Google Reader goes byeybye? Do you follow people by BlogLovin? Will you keep all followers from Blogspot and move to Bloglovin? Very confused! Would love help haha :) 
XoXo, Penny Rose

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