Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey guys! This is a new series on my blog called Munchie Monday :) I will share with you my fav. food or drink of the moment! Most of them will be pretty healthy (some not hehe), and hopefully this will be helpful if you're looking for a new snack or trying to eat better!!

This week's favorite is:  Pretzel Crisps from Snack Factory

If a pretzel and a cracker had a baby, this is what they would be. :) This is a fairly healthy snack also! It has 110 calories per serving (11 crisps). It has 0g. of saturated or trans fat and is baked!  

This snack is great for dipping in hummus, guacamole, dips, name it! :) When you dip it in hummus or guacamole, you get a satisfying, filling snack which means you will eat less. 
Love this snack! Great for on the go or just a healthy, yummy snack. 
☺                                                ☺                                                     ☺
Let me know if you'd like to see more from this series! I always respond to comments :) Please follow if you enjoy my blog, it literally makes my day! I have many more posts to come! <3
XoXo, Penny Rose

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