Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey guys! :) I'm here today to tell you about this adorable little set I received as a gift! It's from Crabtree & Evelyn . It includes four products and a travel bag. It is being sold for $20.

The scent is a light floral and fresh scent that is nice and clean for summer. This kit includes a bath/shower gel, body lotion, bar of soap, and hand lotion.

This body lotion has a nice, thin consistency so it's not too thick for summer. I just dot it all over my arms and legs, since there's no pump. Great for mornings, when you don't want to feel covered in thick lotion!


As you can see, I've already used some of this one. :) I use a small dab on a loofah in the shower. I have not used it for a bath yet (I'm not the biggest bath person) Only problem I have with this is that it doesn't foam up as much as my Bath and Body Works shower gels too.


Let's just pause for a moment and realize how cute the packaging is on this soap! Haha love the design. :)

The soap is mini, and I have used it a few times to wash my hands. It's average soap haha, nothing too special!


I love this product! It's so easy to slip into a purse or backpack and use when needed. It's a good size for a gift set, and it is moisturizing! Also love the flowers and butterflies on the packaging!

Overall, I really like this gift set and would recommend buying it! At $20, you get a good amount of product. Also the scent is perfect for summer! :)
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Hope you guys are enjoying the warm months. Comment and request what you want my next posts to be on! Also, if you would like to do a collab post with me email me at pinkandpetals@gmail.com! Have a wonderful week :)
XoXo, Penny Rose

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