Friday, July 5, 2013

❁ Fail Product ❁

Hello guys, hope your summer is warm, happy, and long! :) Today I have a fail product :( Boo! This is the Freeman Facial Peel Off Mask in Cucumber. I found it at my local drugstore for about $4. (Just so you know, I have used this on my face many times, I just did it on my hand today for the demo)
My first impressions opening the bottle was wow this smells awesome! The cucumber scent is so refreshing, and the mask had a cooling sensation of my fingers.
Product in my hand

I realized when I started putting it on my hand and applying it to my face, it was difficult to apply evenly. It applied thick and was not easy to spread around my face. I did the best I could and began to wait for it to dry so I could peel it off.
First applied, still wet
I waited until the product was fully dried before removing it because it is a pain to remove semi dry and it would not work properly. It took about 25 minutes to dry. The packaging said it should take 5-10 minutes, but at that time, it was still really tacky. That's a little long compared to most peel off masks I've tried.
Fully dried

When I began peeling it off
As I began peeling it off, it was kind of obnoxious because little by little it would come off. Honestly, I would be peeling this thing forever! And when you think it's all gone, you'll go do something else and feel some of it stuck to your face or neck! Lol! After removing the darn thing, my skin felt tight and not "smooth or silky" like the packaging claims. I heard that the Dead Sea Mineral Mask by Freeman is good, so I may try that..if you have tell me your opinion on it! I hope you enjoyed my first Fail Products post. :)
❁                                                               ❁                                                        ❁  
I personally did not like this product, but if you did, let me know! I love to hear from all of you so please comment away, I respond to all! :) I also want to say a huge THANK YOU for 100+ followers! It makes me sooo happy! Please follow for more posts to come, would love to take requests! Hope you're having a wonderful day/afternoon/night, and smile.<3
XoXo, Penny Rose

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