Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is officially here! As we have barbeques, swim, and go to the beach, most of the time we're going to wear shorts. And this year, shorts have many different trends...all of which are cute and stylish! Depending on your style and body, determine what shorts are right for you. Here are just some ideas and my opinions on different styles of shorts.
Left to Right- Delia's, American Eagle, American Eagle
You can't go wrong with these! From light to medium to dark wash, they're all adorable and perfect for summer. They go with practically anything. Some are distressed (I personally don't those) and others have cute lace or details on them such as the middle pair in my picture. These are always a good option!!
Both from Target Kids

Neon is a huge summer trend. Neon nails, neon bags, neon everything! Here I have a highlighter yellow pair and a bright purple. They are super cute to pair with a basic patterned shirt or another solid color for color blocking. Also, neon against your skin gives it the illusion of being tanner!
Left to Right- Delias, Aeropostale, Delias

I love floral shorts, they're so cute! I like to style them by taking a color of one of the flowers and wearing a solid tank or tee. They had a girly vibe to your look and are perfect for the spring and summer!
I don't own any high waisted shorts because I don't think they look good on me, my butt looks weird in them! Haha :) But they look darling on others, and if you like them, go for it! They look nice with a loose crop top or tee shirt and with a tucked in shirt. 
Hope you enjoyed this post and your summer is going well so far! These are just some ideas for styling shorts for the next couple months, and I would love to hear what are your favorite shorts in the comments! Thanks as always for reading, commenting, and following my blog. FOLLOW ON BLOGLOVIN SO I DON'T LOSE MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS :( It means the world to me! :) Enjoy your day and smile. ♡
XoXo, Penny Rose

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