Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hi everyone! So excited to do this tag today, it seems fun! If you don't know about it, you get a makeup, beauty, or piece of clothing that is in each color of the rainbow including pink and multicolored! And then you give a little review of it. :) 


I love this color! It's a orange undertoned red. This is Essie's "Sunday Funday". I am not a huge red fan, but I actually like this one a lot!


This is a lotion I received from a friend I believe from the drugstore. It's called "I & papaya". It has such a good mango and fruity smell! Forgot I had this, must use it more often!!


This is my new favorite sunscreen! I'm fair and at the beach, I need sunscreen or I look like a lobster who ate tomatos haha.  It is SPF 30 which is perfect if you still want a little tan. And best part...doesn't have that generic sunscreen smell! Actually smells nice!!!


This is the Mentha Lip Shine in Mint, and I bought it from Bath and Body Works. It's a liquid and kind of makes my lips red. Not my favorite!!


Another product from Bath and Body Works, but this one I love!! This is the Dancing Waters hand sanitizer. I adore all hand sanitizers, but this scent is super nice and not too overpowering like some! So if you're in class, you can put this on without smelling up a classroom!!!


Since the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer didn't work out for me, I am now using Hoola by Benefit. I really like it! It's matte and a perfect color, not orange or muddy. :) 


Yup these exist. ;) I got these from a friend last Christmas (think they were from Target), and they are these crazy fuzzy boot slippers! They are literally the warmest shoes ever and during a huge snow storm, I wore them constantly!!


These are one of my favorite summer shorts from Aeropostale. They are multicolored flower short shorts. They work well with a ton of different tops!!!

Hope you enjoyed! I TAG YOU!!<3 If you want, please do this tag and I would love to check it out!! Enjoy your day! :)
XoXo, Penny Rose

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